Expert guidance through the emotional, legal, and financial processes of divorce in Hawaii

Mindful Divorce Hawai'i

Mindful Divorce Hawai’i offers an amicable approach to the emotional, legal and financial details of divorce in Hawaii. What does that mean? We know divorce is much more than just a legal process. You are feeling stressed by the uncertainty of your future, wondering about finances, worried about any children that might be involved, and confused by the long legal process of navigating the dissolution of your marriage. Emotions between you and your spouse are highly volatile and you desperately want guidance and confirmation that you’re making good choices throughout the process.

Mindful Divorce Hawai’i is here to help navigate the entire process from start to finish through a comprehensive approach to the emotional, financial, and legal considerations.

Through expert coaching we will guide you every step of the way and ultimately provide you with ease of mind about financial decisions, the skills to co-parent without toxic interactions that will affect your children long-term and a lower-cost alternative to litigation divorce attorneys and court appearances.

cost Effective

Our fees are competitive because we believe your family’s resources should not be spent on litigating a contentious divorce. We facilitate conversations leading to a settlement agreement, draft all documentation, co-parenting plans, and ultimately facilitate a positive outcome for everyone involved.


We ensure both parties have an opportunity to make conscious choices through each element of the divorce process to keep the courts from deciding what is best for your family. We mediate communication to help you come to resolution together while cultivating skills for healthy post-divorce interactions.


Working together we can facilitate the finalization of a divorce within months. No need to wait for court dates or attorney availability. Meetings are set according to your schedule and your trio of experts work together to ensure that you understand what is happening through each step of the divorce process.

Our team

Our team members work within their separate disciplines to guide your family through the divorce process every step of the way



As a licensed marriage family therapist, Britt understands the emotional toll divorce brings to each member of your family and will help you navigate feelings of guilt, sadness, and anger. Through the partnering company, Xplore Counseling, Britt and her team lead you through one-on-one and groups sessions to build coping skills and find resolution to high-conflict conversations.  Ultimately, improved communication skills and coping skills will help facilitate the final processes of financial division of assets and legal documentation.

Trisha Kent White

kent-white JD, CFP®, CDFA™


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and an expert in marital division of assets, Trisha’s goal is to support the short and long-term goals of each party and provide information and advice from physical property division to retirement accounts and the marital home. She will keep your divorce process clear of the pitfalls and mistakes that can often be costly and cause unnecessary stress and added anxiety.  


uncontested divorce processing

Licensed attorney and mediator, Katie Bennett works through the legal paperwork and processes for your uncontested divorce by affidavit with the family courts in Hawaii.  Katie’s process brings the final agreements between both parties and puts them into a legal document that is filed on your behalf.  While Katie cannot represent both parties, she will fairly support the uncontested divorce process and memorialize your divorce agreements. There is no appearance before a judge and approval for the divorce generally takes between 6-10 weeks.

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Build communication and coping skills during the divorce process


Sometimes you need a little extra care, concern, and guidance through tough emotional times. Therapeutic counseling is the first step in your process with Mindful Divorce Hawai’i.  We will help you with those difficult emotions surrounding your unique situation.  We keep an open mind and help both parties process grievances while building communication skills that are necessary for post-divorce co-parenting or conversations.

First, each family member will be offered one-on-one sessions with team members of Xplore Counseling, led by Britt Young, LMFT, before facilitating joint sessions and navigating through residual pain and ultimately closure on the relationship.  

For young children, we offer play therapy as an add-on option to assist your little ones in their emotional distress.  Play therapy provides a safe environment where they can explore and express their emotions about the family transition.  The goal of these sessions is to help your children develop healthy coping strategies.

Mindful Divorce Hawai’i will help you understand what you expect from the divorce process and the therapeutic process will ultimately result in:

Co-parenting Agreements

Children are often a source of conflict in a divorce and your family’s needs are unique to your situation.  Our therapeutic approach helps both parents agree on a parenting schedule, how decisions are made for minor children, and parenting provisions or how children will be raised..  We will help navigate what is best for the child including maintaining positive, healthy relationships with each parent.

Positive Communication

This is a critical component during the divorce process.  Both parties will be provided communication skills training in the way they speak and react to each other.  When a situation becomes too volatile, our licensed marriage and family therapist will assist in the communication process and provide coping strategies for each party to ensure that both feel heard and understood.

Future Conflict Resolution

Right now you may be thinking there is no way you and your spouse can effectively work together after this divorce.  Our process builds a framework for a functioning healthy working relationship in which you and your former spouse can learn to resolve disagreements in the future through peaceful amicable negotiations.  

Divorcing young couple arguing in psychiatrist office

Feel secure in an equitable and fair process


Mindful Divorce Hawai’i keeps your family assets where they belong – out of the court system and under your family’s control.  Finances are a heated topic in a divorce and families believe their only option left is expensive litigation.  However, using our therapeutic counseling approach as your first step, both parties are better prepared for the money conversations, asset division, and understanding the laws of the State of Hawaii and how they apply to your particular situation.

The second part of your divorce process , a financial analysis and decisions on the division of assets, will take place after, or, if you and your partner are ready, in conjunction with therapeutic counseling. 

These sessions start with a comprehensive look at your financial documentation. Each party has a one-on-one session with Trisha Kent-White, our certified divorce financial analyst to discuss short and long-term financial goals and to ascertain the assets, health care,  budgeting, income needs, and much more. 

We provide answers to pressing questions like,

  • Which marital assets may best and least help you achieve your financial goals?
  • How long will the money last?
  • What is your new budget and expenses post-divorce?
  • Can you afford to keep the marital home? What alternative living arrangements will be within your new budget?
  • How can income be generated?
  • How do you divide the different types of retirement accounts?

And, we make sure you don’t fall into common mistakes such as:

  • Ignoring tax implications and penalties from retirement account withdrawals 
  • Not considering your liquidity needs
  • Budgeting and planning improperly 
  • Failing to uncover hidden assets
  • Not planning for future large expenses such as children’s college tuition

When you walk away from your financial planning sessions each party will have a better understanding of their financial options and a written plan for moving forward post-divorce.

Handled quickly, efficiently, and discreetly with no court appearances.


The final part of the Mindful Divorce Hawai’i process happens once you’ve completed the therapeutic and financial planning sessions.  Katie Bennett, licensed attorney and mediator, will act as your divorce lawyer to finalize  an uncontested divorce by affidavit with the family courts of the State of Hawaii. The forms  will reflect the decisions made in all previous sessions including child custody, asset division, and all other agreements. Neither parties will ever need to appear in court or in front of a judge.  Once the forms are completed and signed by both parties they go before the family court for a judge’s review.  The process for finalization takes between 6-10 weeks.


Sometimes there are issues that simply cannot be agreed on through the Mindful Divorce Hawaii process.  Resolution for these will require mediation, an add-on service that is billed at an hourly rate.  Katie Bennett acts as a third-party neutral.  Mediation may involve joint sessions or individual meetings to discuss options and solutions between both parties.  Depending on your particular needs we may employ one of three styles of mediation:


 FACILITATIVE MEDIATION asks questions rather than giving opinions to the outcome of the disagreement.  This process is conducted by the mediator, but the parties are in charge of the final outcome.


EVALUATIVE MEDIATION points out the strengths and weaknesses of each parties case and offers a typical course of action a judge might possibly decide on.  This type of mediation also includes an evaluation of each parties legal positions including a cost/benefit analysis of settlement versus the need for in-court litigation if an agreement cannot be reached.


TRANSFORMATIVE MEDIATION recognizes each person’s perspective, empowers each party in the conflict, and seeks to promote constructive future interactions.  It is designed to change how the parties involved interact with each other to obtain a peaceful resolution to disagreements.

Should you decide to use mediation services, you will need to hire an additional family law attorney to file an uncontested divorce by affidavit on your behalf or proceed pro se (without an attorney.)


Contact us to begin the process of preserving relationships, improving communication, and completing a non-litigious divorce process with Mindful Divorce Hawai’i.